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Adam’s New Large Barrel Brush



The?Adam’s Barrel Brush and?the?Adam’s Small Barrel Brush?are made from 100% polypropylene black and red wool carpet fiber, that is recyclable and chemical resistant. The fiber blend is incredibly soft yet dense. It cleans better, lasts longer, and is even softer for delicate wheel finishes, yet still very durable. Easily clean tough areas like deep inside the barrel of your wheel, brake calipers, and even exhaust tips. These fibers are excellent for holding in suds to then transfer them to the wheel surface.
Our Barrel Brushes have a sturdy, bendable brush that is metal-free. Combined with the ergonomic grip handle, it makes the Barrel Brush an even more versatile and easy-to-use cleaning tool on even very wide wheels.
Use Adam’s Barrel Brush?for larger, more open areas of a wheel and the Adam’s Small Barrel Brush?for the tight spots. Use with Adam’s?Wheel Cleaner or Adam’s?Eco Wheel Cleaner to clean the inner barrel of the wheel to give it that like-new look. You can also rinse the brushes out and use the wool head to clean the face of your wheel. The adjustable brush angle makes it easier to clean behind the face of your wheel on the back of spokes, and an ergonomic grip makes it easy to use them without being slippery or hard to handle!

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