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Meguiar’s 5 1/2″ Sanding Backing Pad



Using your bare hands to work with sand paper means that you will inevitably apply uneven pressure to some areas. Instead you can evenly distribute the pressure with the Meguiar’s Sanding Backing Pad. Even pressure helps you get a smoother finish that looks better, which is the whole point of this process. By making the surface smoother you’ll have less work to do with the follow up steps with lighter grit sanding and polishing. This saves you time while improving results so it’s really an easy decision to see why this tool is so valuable. To use it simply wrap the sand paper around the semi-soft block and begin working it on the desired surface. The Sanding Backing Pad can flex and bend as needed so you can work at all angles and in tight spaces and still get even pressure. Get the most out of your work with sand paper when you use the Meguiar’s 5.5″ Sanding Backing Pad.

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