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Meguiar’s All Season Dressing D160



Meguiar’s All Season Dressing will rejuvenate your rubber and plastic pieces leaving behind a deep, rich and long lasting shine! This dressing requires no diluting and the deep rich color it leaves behind on your plastic and rubber will turn heads. You can spray this product directly on to your rubber and plastic, however we recommend misting it onto a clean microfiber towel, or applicator pad and wiping the areas down to avoid over spray. If you get any on the paint or surrounding areas simply remove it with a clean cloth right away and you’re all set. If you are looking for a long-lasting dressing that provides the deep gloss on your exterior rubber and plastic pieces, then look no further then the Meguiar’s All Season Dressing!
Pair with the Meguiar’s All Season Dressing Bottle and the DI Accessories Chemical Resistant Spray Trigger for easy dilution, storage, and usage!

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