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Meguiar’s Citrus Blast Wash & Wax D113



The Meguiar’s Citrus Blast Wash & Wax D113 allows you to save time by protecting your paint and cleaning it at the same time! This incredible formula combines high-quality carnauba wax and polymers along with a fantastic shampoo. The unique high-lubricity, lower-suds formula allows your wash mitt to easily glide across the surface, greatly reducing the risk of wash-induced swirl marks. This formula also quickly rinses away while conditioners and wax boost shine and leave behind a slick surface. The protective layer will last around 3-4 weeks, making it a great stand-alone protection product, or a topper to your favorite wax, sealant or coating. D113 dilutes to 128:1 (mix 1 ounce per gallon of water), giving you a great value out of every bottle.
PH Rating: 8.8 – 9.5

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