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Meguiar’s Citrus Fresh Cleaning Wipes



The Meguiar’s Citrus Fresh Cleaning Wipes will allow you to quickly clean various surfaces with an easy to use and dispose of cleaning wipe! Dust, dirt and grime can build up fast on your interior surfaces. Don’t reach for your cleaning spray and microfiber towel though, instead grab these wipes, simply wipe down the desired surface and throw out the used wipe! Each container contains 25 pre-moistened wipes that will leave your car clean and smelling fresh. These wipes remove dirt, grease, grime, etc. and are safe and effective on various vinyl, rubber, plastic and cloth surfaces. They come in a convenient travel tube so you can leave them in your car in case of those dreaded emergency situations. When trying to clean with simple, easy to use wipes, the Meguiar’s Citrus Fresh Cleaning Wipes are an awesome choice!

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