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Meguiar’s Hot Shine Reflect Tire Dressing



Meguiar’s Hot Shine Reflect Tire Dressing is an easy to apply spray on tire dressing that will have your tires looking super glossy! Reflect features a unique formula that helps light actually reflect off the surface of your tire once it is applied. This takes the wet look everyone strives for and really enhances the results. Simply take the Reflect can, remove the top, and spray onto your desired area. Application is really is that simple! Reflect will level out, so you will not have any streaks or uneven application marks. In just seconds you will have an incredibly glossy finish that will have heads turning and people asking how you got your tires looking so wet. If you do have any overspray on the paint wipe away with a clean microfiber towel asap. If you want to bring your tries to the next level, pick up the Meguiar’s Hot Shine Reflect Tire Dressing today!

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