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Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Compound 67



The Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Compound 67 will remove medium to heavy surface imperfections, while finishing down like a premium finishing polish! One Step is an aggressive cutting compound, that quickly removes heavy oxidation, hard water spots, scratches, waterline scum stains, faded gel-coated, fuel stains, exhaust stains, etc. The surface will look extra smooth and clean upon completion. In the past you would have to follow up with a finishing polish, but the #67 you can save yourself time and effort by combining steps. On top of removing imperfections, #67 will finish the surface down, restoring it with a smooth, high gloss finish. Apply the One Step Compound by hand or via buffer for best results. After you apply this product protect the surface with a quality sealant or wax. If you are looking to combine multiple polishing steps, the Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Compound 67 is for you. Afterward you’ll stare at your boat and love the shine!

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