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Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner



The Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner is a safe and effective wheel cleaner for various wheel types! If you think your paint gets dirty over time, what about your wheels!? With wheels so close to the road and your brakes, they come into contact with a variety of contamination each and every day. Brake dust, dirt, grime, tar, mud, rain, etc. all hit your wheels and make them one of the hardest areas to keep clean. Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner is a pH neutral (safe on many wheel types: painted, chromed, polished, etc.) and helps break down even the most stubborn of contamination safely. To apply, simply spray Mirror Bright onto the surface and let the product dwell. While the product sits on the surface it will help break down contamination, allowing you to safely remove it. Just be sure to never let the product completely dry on the surface. If you have any heavy dirt and grime, use your favorite wheel brush for some added cleaning power. If you are looking for a gentle way to clean dirty wheels, pick up a bottle of the Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner today!

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