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Meguiar’s Ultra Finishing Durable Glaze M305



The Meguiar’s M305 will allow you to polish away light imperfections, while leaving behind a glaze with wax like protection! Meguiar’s developed M305 for body shops who want to offer some level of protection for their customers on fresh resprays, but with something that won’t lock down the paint, prevent outgassing, all while being silicone free. While the M305 meets all of this criteria, it also stands out in the detailing industry specifically. When detailing there are times that repaints can be an issue, but in general you are not working on freshly painted areas. This means you can use the M305 to polish away light imperfections, leave behind wax like protection, along with a glaze that will fill in some very light imperfections. This will enhance the way the paint looks, leaving you with a surface that can be further protected with your favorite wax or sealant. M305 can be applied by hand or via a dual action or rotary polisher, using a finishing pad and slower speed setting. If you are looking for more correction, a higher speed setting and/or pad is recommended. If you are looking for a versatile product that will perfect, protect, and is body shop safe, do not look any further than the Meguiar’s Ultra Finishing Durable Glaze M305!

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