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P&S Ego Maker Compound



The P&S Ego Maker Compound makes quick work of even the heaviest of imperfections! This high-quality formula features efficient cut technology to restore the paint finish by removing sanding marks, scratches, and other ugly paint imperfections. According to P&S, the key feature of Ego Maker is the finish left behind after correction. Ego Maker is a uniform cleaning compound featuring a high purity refined alumina abrasive with a tightly controlled particle size and shape. This simply means that Ego Maker can correct heavy imperfections while also leaving behind a bright finish. You may need to follow up this compound with a lighter pad/polish combo depending on the paint type you are working on. If that is the case, check out some other great P&S polishes listed below. Ego Maker does not contain any wax or silicones, making it safe for use in body shops. Don’t let ugly imperfections take away from the overall luster of your paintwork, remove them with the P&S Ego Maker Compound instead!
P&S Renny Doyle Collection Polishing Options:
P&S Envy Jeweling Polish – Light polishing and paint refining.P&S Deep Finish Restoration Polish – Great for removal of light to medium imperfections.P&S Ego Maker Compound – Safe and easy removal of heavy imperfections.
Double Black Renny Doyle Collection: This collection consists of various P&S products that are hand-picked by Renny Doyle after extensive testing. Renny believes that these products stand with or above the competition as the best in the industry and he uses them personally and professionally. You will also see Renny and his team using these products at McCall’s Motorworks Revival Event and The Quail or maintaining Air Force One planes. P&S and Renny will continue to evolve and improve this collection so that you can use the same products as a world-class detailer.

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